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A Catholic’s Guide to Rome: Discovering the Soul of the Eternal City

by Frank J. Korn

This guide is not only for Catholics but also helps travelers of other faiths appreciate a culture not their own. Internationally recognized expert and veteran of 50 trips to Rome, Frank Korn’s storytelling style and invaluable facts, and the book’s photos, maps, and index, make this a perfect choice for tourists and pilgrims, armchair travelers, priests and religious.  It describes not only the familiar churches, basilicas, and historic places, but also takes travelers on fascinating detours down back alleys to little-known, though very important sites. For both the public and the private Rome, the author reveals the legends and traditions associated with each. With a warm and engaging style, he explains Jubilee Year background and ceremonies and offers Jubilee travelers meaningful alternatives to the typical sites with their expected three-times-heavier crowds. He also lists which church offers Mass in which language, and offers “insider’s info” that every travel agent and travel store will want to pass on to their customers.