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A Small Place in Italy


Amazon reader’s review: “I’ve read: Under the Tuscan Sun, Extra Virgin …, An Italian Affair, In Maremma: Life and a House in Southern Tuscany, Italian Neighbors and I’m on my way to start reading Pasquale’s Nose: Idle Days in an Italian Town. I started reading these types of books when I got lonely for Italy after visiting in November of 2001. I just finished A Small Place in Italy. Each of these books have something special in it that I enjoyed reading about. I really enjoyed reading about the person Attilio. Attilio came with the house when they purchased this house in Italy — he had his own secret room. I enjoyed reading about how they hired their local tradesmen to renovate and repair this house. I hope I never run out of these types of books to read. I do plan to return to visit Italy, it would be a joy to visit some of these small towns.”