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Art Shop And Eat Milan: A Pocket-Sized Treasurehouse

Roberta Kedzierski wrote: “First there was the Blue Guide. Comprehensive, detailed, carefully researched, everything you need to know on the art treasures of the world’s most important cities. Then came the restaurant guides. So, when you had finished getting the best food for thought, you could then proceed to do the same for food, period. Even more recently have come the tips for what to shop for in the cities you visit, and where to find it. All in all, a lot of information. And a lot of paper to carry about. Until now, that is. For Somerset Books’ Art/Shop/Eat series brings it all to you: in just 192 pages. Florence, Rome, and Venice are available, and Milan has just been published.

OK, I have to express an interest. I was called in as consulting editor on the shopping and eating sections of the Milan volume. And so, when I say that it is an excellent little book, I have to add, ‘even though I say so myself,’ regarding two parts out of the three.

The ‘blurb’ says it is pocket-sized. But, no one who lives in Milan would dream of putting a book in their pocket. It would spoil their figure. Seriously, though, Art Shop and Eat Milan is a well-designed publication covering the ‘what to see,’ ‘where to eat,’ and ‘what to buy,’ with maps, full-color photographs and floor plans for the art; a representative overview of the best the city has to offer in terms of restaurants catering to all budgets; and plenty of ideas of treasures on which to spend your money. In Milan, as in all the other Italian cities, it is fairly obvious: clothes, shoes, and leather goods. Art/Shop/Eat gives you the lowdown.”