Bloodstone Castle

by Mirella Patzer

Based in Medieval Italy, Bloodstone Castle is an Italian romantic suspense fictional novel that takes place in Genoa, Savona, and Portovenere during the 10th century. The story begins with the birth of Morena and her dying mother’s gift of the legendary bloodstone which holds a clue of a long forgotten Roman treasure said to be buried beneath Bloodstone Castle. Eighteen years later, the father Duke Bartolomeo Dragone, is killed in an ambush by brigands. His dying wish is that Amoro end a feud and marry the Contessa Morena Monterossa of Portovenere. Amoro breaks the news to his mistress, but Laria had harboured hopes he would marry her and surprises him with her grief when she swears she will fight to keep him. Amoro goes to Bloodstone Castle to claim his bride, but his attempts are rebuffed by Morena, who intends to honor her betrothal to Ernesto, a man 20 years her senior. No sweet love story, Bloodstone Castle is an uncompromising tale of love, murder and betrayal, where the lives of the main characters are taken through a devastating chain of ordeals. If you like your heroes bloody but unbowed, Mirella Patzer’s novel will be exactly the kind of historical story you will love. Its characters will provide you with a roller coaster read with its array of twists and turns which plunge to the depths of ruthlessness and a love which refuses to die.