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Café Life Rome: A Guidebook to the Cafés and Bars of the Eternal City

by Joe Wolff, Roger Paperno (Photographer)

The cafe is indisputably central to Roman life. Café Life Rome is the first guidebook dedicated solely to the cafés and bars of Rome. Instead of relying on city guides with cursory listings, this book, with its rich photography and informed descriptions, steers travelers through Rome’s 5,000 bars to the perfect cafe. Café Life Rome focuses on 30 of the best, in four different areas of the city. Some of these establishments are hundreds of years old and some are relatively young, but each has a story to tell. These cafés also offer food and drink at reasonable prices, or a specialty of the house worth a small splurge. Visitors will be able to choose a comfortable bar close to their accommodations, make it a hangout of their own and watch the romani at close quarters. It may even be a place where Hemingway or Fellini came to unwind.