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Capri and No Longer Capri

by Raffaele La Capria (Elizabeth A. Petroff, translator)

From Library Journal: Originally published in Italy in 1991, this book by famed Italian author La Capria presents a picture of the island of Capri that may shock some and make others hastily switch their travel plans. For many years, Capri ranked as one of the most sybaritic, debauched destinations in Europe an island paradise where English expatriates and other wandering souls could go for a cleansing dose of weird midnight rituals at the Blue Lagoon and where homosexuality was rampant. Capria’s intent is to debunk many of these stories while acknowledging that many are true. The outcome is an intimate and brutally honest look at an island that has earned both a fanciful and a disturbing reputation as a European destination that is far off the beaten path. This book is not intended for the casual tourist who takes a day trip from Naples to Capri and only spends a few hours at the Blue Lagoon.