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Celebrate…..Italian Style

by Jacqueline Miconi

The kitchen has always occupied an important position in Italian culture. It is not only the place where cooking is done, but it’s usually the center of most household activity; a place to gather and socialize, a place to bond and reminisce, and of course a place where many great chefs are born. Celebrate….Italian Style is a collection of recipes and stories about Italian life. With amusing selections such as “An Italian Wedding,” “Neighborhood Watchdogs,” “Gramma’s Other Half” and “An Italian Christmas and the Tale of the Fishes,” this cookbook brings us back to simpler times of tradition and heritage and how friends and family unite through food. This “Coffee Table” cookbook includes 100+ traditional recipes, using readily available ingredients for dishes that are not only easy to create, but even more enjoyable to indulge in. Through chapters like “Sunday Dinner,” “An Italian Christmas,” “Old Country Cooking” and “A Feast with your Paisani,” this cookbook offers up some excellent recipe selections, while sharing stories from the author’s rich heritage. Runner-Up in the Non-Fiction Category at The 2007 New York Book Festival Awards, the author is also a proud 3rd-generation Italian American.