Companion Guide to Rome

by Georgina Masson

This was the original Companion Guide, and as far as generations of Rome aficionados are concerned, no guidebook has ever come even close to equaling its mastery. Our beloved Georgina is the Pied Piper of Rome! She walks you through the streets of the Eternal City like any other guide, but no one can match her bewitching blend of erudition and enthusiasm. Whether you consider yourself a scholar or a casual traveler, she will bring Rome alive for you, introducing you to a colorful caravan of emperors, popes, painters, sculptors, sinners, and saints who will soon populate every nook and cranny of the ancient city. If you are going to be in Rome for more than a heartbeat, do yourself a favor and take this book along with you. Don’t try to read it at home: it will mean nothing. Stuff it in your backpack and pore over it as you rest your laurels on a 7th-century ruin.