Cucina di Magro: Cooking Lean the Traditional Italian Way

by G. Franco Romagnoli & Margaret Romagnoli

Cucina di Magro shows that cooking lean does not necessarily mean skimping on flavor or elegance. Originating around the fourth century in response to a Roman Catholic tradition, “cucina di magro” – the meatless meal – has had 16 centuries to perfect its gustatory and salutary attributes. With 21 completely new recipes, Cucina di Magro is a cookbook that brings together Italy’s diverse regional cuisines, honoring tradition as well as health. This revised edition features ingredients currently available including fresh artichokes and tempting Italian cheeses. The book outlines special techniques for the savvy home chef, such as making pasta in a Cuisinart. Featuring such classic dishes as fettucine pomodoro e basilico, flounder with capers, savory risotto in red wine sauce, and fresh fig pie, the book satisfies every expectation of Italian eating while respecting the principles of lean cooking.