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Eyewitness Travel Guide to Rome

by Olivia Ercoli, Ros Belford, Roberta Mitchell, Rodney Palmer

Too bad the essence of Rome can’t be bottled and exported to a corner store near you. If it could, you could pick up a weekend’s worth of Rome along with your pint of milk and Snickers bar, and you’d probably never get to repainting the stairs, doing the laundry, or watching that new video release. Instead you’d be gawking at St. Peter’s, ogling the Temple of Vesta, devouring saltimbocca in a trattoria, and sipping Sangiovese at a wine bar. You might not even get to the Snickers bar. Okay, DK never said they’re trying to bottle Rome. But they do a stand-up job of imbuing their guidebook with the spirit, attitude, and élan of Rome. They don’t just provide information about where to stay and what to do when you’re there (though they do, in fact, provide all those necessary details), they go beyond the pragmatic and mundane to revel in Rome’s glory. They stimulate the appetite for a Roman holiday. The gorgeous pictures and engaging text draw you in. They inspire you to read and dream, set your travel date, and visit Rome for real.