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Eyewitness Travel Guides

These Eyewitness Travel Guides help you get the most from your visit to Italy with the minimum of difficulty. The opening section highlights the region and sets it in its historical and cultural context. The regional chapters describe all the main sights with photographs and detailed illustrations. A new generation of highly visual encyclopedic guidebooks that guarantees you make the most of your visit – before, during and after your stay.

  • Hundreds of full-color photographs, taken especially for these guides, show you areas at their finest.
  • Unique 3-D aerial views and cutaways and floorplans help you explore public buildings and landmarks – no need to purchase other guides.
  • Hundreds of pages of Architecture, Villas, Islands, Museums, Towns, Galleries, Walks, Restaurants, Monuments, Churches, Beaches, Towns, Food, Tours, Archaeology, Temples, Hotels….everything to see and do….
  • The included Survival Guide shows you how to get around by car and public transportation, use local currency, and telephones….includes a phrase book, and carefully selected hotels, cafes, and restaurants in all price ranges.

These award-winning, on-the-spot, visual guides are bursting with information and will help to make your trip hassle-free and pleasurable.

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