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Flavors of Puglia: Traditional Recipes from the Heel of Italy’s Boot

by Nancy Harmon Jenkins

Nancy Harmon Jenkins, author of the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, has at last taken on the food of Puglia, and through that portal we catch glimpses of the country’s people, culture, and history. For Jenkins is no mere cookbook author, and Flavors of Puglia is no bottomless sump of recipes cast willy-nilly upon the page. She brings a keen intellect to her work as well as a passion for food, people, and the connections that can be made at a well-laid table–connections unlike any others. She is an anthropologist of the human soul as revealed through food, and the recipes she selects push the reader into a much deeper understanding of the soul of Puglia than would otherwise be possible. And the bonus? The sheer simplicity and deliciousness of it all.