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Gelato: Finding Italy’s Best Gelaterias

by Michael McGarry

Gelato includes reviews from over fifty shops located in Italy’s most visited cities. Whether recommending the sublime riso (rice) gelato at Florence’s beloved Vivoli or the breathtaking view of Capri from Naples’ Bilancioni, each entry presents up-to-date information for travelers looking to optimize their gelato consumption, while enjoying an authentic Italian custom.

The cult of gelato is revealed with special “Gelato Lore” sections that explore the history and myths surrounding this long-revered treat. Stories range from Nero’s quest for snow from remote mountains to how a Tuscan chicken farmer helped introduce gelato to France. “Tips & Info” sections assist readers on a variety of gelato-related matters, including how to spot a worthwhile gelateria and an explanation of the differences between gelato and ice cream.