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Hello Italy! The Best Budget Hotels in Italy

by Margo Classé

Travelers don’t always know where they want to go, but they do know they want to eat delicious foods, see fantastic sights and sleep in adequate, yet affordable accommodations. Where and how to find clean rooms with a bath or shower can be found in this helpful insider’s guide to Italian hotels. Gone will be the days of sifting through pages filled with over-priced hotels. This different kind of travel guide for cost-conscious and not so cost-conscious travelers was created to offer the budget traveler basic comforts without having to pay a lot of money for a place that will be used primarily to sleep. This informative guide is the absolute best sourcebook that places at your tips the location of over 200 hotels in 33 cities in Italy (including directions to all of them.) Most budget guides only offer a few choices, but this one contains a large variety of affordable hotels that will make an excellent traveling companion for your travel guide.