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On the Shores of the Mediterranean


Amazon reader’s review: “Eric Newby is a serious travel essayist for serious travelers. A consummate pro. On The Shores Of The Mediterranean, originally published in 1984, is his chronicle of a resolute journey around the circumference of the Mediterranean, an arduous tour of ancient cities, ruins and near ruins that would have surely daunted a lesser man. Beginning at his home in Tuscany, he shepherds the reader along to Naples, Venice, Montenegro, Albania, Mt. Olympus (in Greece), Istanbul, Turkey’s Mediterranean shore (the Troad), Jerusalem, the Pyramids, Tobruk (in Libya), Tunisia, Fez (in Morocco), Gibraltar, Seville (in Spain), and Nice (on the Côte d’ Azur). After 484 pages (in paperback) of relatively small print, I collapsed exhausted. Newby has an exceptional eye for detail and history, which can provide either joy or torment to the armchair traveler.”