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Italy Fever – 14 Ways to Satisfy Your Love Affair With Italy

by Darlene Marwitz

This is a humorous personal weaving of travel tales and helpful travel tips. Darlene Marwitz’s passion for Italy and everything Italian continuously grows and expands throughout each chapter. Her narrative allows the reader a method of understanding her Italy fever. From movies to maps, north to south, the reader is introduced and guided into multiple routes of exploring Italian culture in Italy and at home. Her guidance is not only created by her personal travel experiences but is also composed of lists of Italian things that she loves: literature, architecture, movies, food and wine. Her maps help her to plan out her next vacation; her movies and books are for while she waits for that vacation. Italy Fever is a wonderful read for those who are preparing to go to Italy tomorrow or in 10 years. The book not only introduces the reader to Italian culture but also helps to prepare for a lifetime adventure.