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Little-Known Museums in and Around Rome

by Rachel Kaplan

Travel & Leisure Rachel Kaplan’s charming and informative guides to the little-known museums of Paris, London, and Berlin have won enthusiastic praise. “Wonderful color illustrations make perusing a joy,” raved Library Journal of the Paris guide. A brilliant museum companion,” said CondE Nast Traveler’s website about the London book. Now, Kaplan reveals the enchantments of 30 often-overlooked museums in the city and nearby countryside. Ranging from the Burcardo Theater Museum and the Sabine Olive Oil Museum to the new ACEA Art Center at the Montemartini Power Station and the Rome Museum of Criminology, the varied venues offer something for everyone. Maps, addresses, phone numbers, and hours are included. Kaplan, author of three previous Abrams guidebooks, has written articles for many international publications. 175 illustrations, 100 in full color.