Living in Rome

by Bruno Racine, Alain Fleischer (Photographer), Deke Dusinberre (Translator)

With five chapters exploring the beauty of Rome, including its architecture, gardens, interiors, museums, and artisans’ and antiques shops, plus a “Connoisseur’s Guide,” award-winning writer Racine and Fleischer, a filmmaker and photographer, present a side of Rome rarely observed by the casual visitor. Though not as comprehensive as the now-classic Blue Guide: Rome (Norton) or as practical as Dorling Kindersley’s Rome (from the “Eyewitness” travel guide series), this is a work of love and passion. In elaborate detail and with delightful photographs, Racine and Fleischer capture the essence of the city, but in a manner that is of little use to everyday tourists. Those who want to enjoy the breathtaking depth of the city and are intrigued by the extraordinary and those with an intellectual inclination for understanding Rome will certainly find the volume enjoyable.