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Mangia: Soups-Salads-Sandwiches-Entrees-Baked Goods from the Renowned New York City Specialty Shop

by Ricardo Diaz (Author), Nancy Jessup (Author)

Manhattan’s Mangia restaurant provides busy yet discerning diners with delicious daytime food. The Mangia Cookbook offers readers more than 200 recipes for freshly made fare–sandwiches, unusual salads, hearty soups, and home-baked treats paramount among them. The dishes, which are easy to make and fit into a range of menu slots, work equally well with family or guests. Readers searching for a collection of relaxed yet stylish dishes drawn from diverse ethnic sources–what might be termed American light fare–should welcome the book. Beginning with “The Bakery Table,” a section devoted to Mangia’s much-admired breakfast and dessert specialties, the book then provides chapters on soups and entrees in addition to the foods mentioned above. Winners among these include Fresh Corn Soup with Smoked Chicken, Chicken Salad with Hazelnut Sauce on Ciabatta Bread, Grilled Orange-Marinated Salmon, and Apricot Almond Triangles. Included also is a chapter on sides and condiments, such as Pickled Vegetable Relish, designed to complement many of the Mangia dishes but good with a wide range of cooking. With suggestions for preparing dishes ahead and other useful tips, the book should encourage good simple cooking and superior everyday eating.