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Naples at Table

A trip with Arthur Schwartz, popular radio host, cookbook author, and veteran restaurant critic, to Naples and its surrounding regions is the next best thing to being there. Join him as he presents the finest traditional and contemporary foods of the region, and shares myth, legend, history, recipes, and reminiscences with American fans, followers, and fellow lovers of all things Italian. Naples at Table celebrates the food and people of Naples, Avellino, Benevento, Caserta and Salerno, including the Sorrento Peninsula, Amalfi Coast, Capri and Ischia. Schwartz takes a fresh look at the region’s major culinary contributions to the world — its pizza, dried pasta, seafood, and vegetable dishes, its sustaining soups and voluptuous desserts — and offers the recipes for some of Campania’s lesser-known specialties as well. Always, he provides all the techniques and details you need to make them with authenticity and ease. This is the Italian food the world knows best, at its best — bold and vibrant flavors made from few ingredients, using the simplest techniques. Think Sophia Loren — and check out her recipe for Chicken Cacciatore! Discover the joys of preparing a timballo like the pasta-filled pastry in the popular film Big Night. Or simply rediscover how truly delicious, satisfying, and healthful Campanian favorites can be — from vegetable dishes such as stuffed peppers and garlicky greens to pasta sauces you can make while the spaghetti boils or the Neapolitans’ famous long-simmered ragu, redolent with the flavors of meat and red wine. Finally, what better way to feed a sweet tooth than with a Neapolitan dessert? Ice cream and other frozen fantasies were brought to their height in Baroque Naples.