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The Classic Food of Northern Italy

by Anna Del Conte

In this sumptuous collection of dishes, drawn from all the regions of northern Italy, Anna Del Conte has chosen the very best recipes garnered from restaurants, home kitchens, and country farms. Many of the dishes are likely to be unfamiliar, such as flatbread made with chickpea flour, the Ligurian fish soup known as Ciuppin, or macaroni in a sweet pastry case. Del Conte’s distinctive interpretations of more well-known dishes, such as pesto and rag, gnocchi, risotto, and ossobuco, will endear themselves to cooks as the versions that really work. This is a collection that is bound to become a favorite volume in every cook’s library. Anna Del Conte was born and educated in Milan. Her many successful books include Italian Kitchen, Gli Antipasti, I Dolci, La Pastaciutta, I Risotti, and Gastronomy of Italy.