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The Gastronomy Of Italy

by Anna Del Conte

This is a revised, expanded, and reorganized edition of a reference work first published in 1987. The original was an A-Z glossary of all aspects of Italian food, from ingredients to techniques to regional specialties. Now the different topics have been given their own sections, and the number of recipes has risen to 200, many of which are shown in full-page color photographs. The book opens with a brief illustrated history of Italian cuisine and a guide to the various regions, which focuses on their culinary contributions. This is followed by the recipe section, which emphasizes regional dishes; a 115-page glossary of ingredients, with colorful and amusingly dated labels from various food products dotting the pages; a shorter glossary of terms and techniques; and an abbreviated wine guide. The recipes are given greater emphasis in this edition they are good, and many will be relatively unfamiliar to Americans but the most valuable part of the book remains Del Conte’s (The Classic Food of Northern Italy) authoritative text.