The Golden Milestone – Over 2500 Years of Italian Contributions to Civilization

by Russell Esposito

The Golden Milestone has received outstanding reviews and is an international bestseller that covers Roman, Italian and Italian-American accomplishments. This comprehensive book on Italian and Italian-American accomplishments contains 22 chapters on every subject, from the arts and sciences to sports and entertainment celebrities. The author’s ability to blend facts with some humor and personal anecdotes makes this book a joy to read. The book covers the wonders of ancient Rome and Renaissance Italy, as well as modern accomplishments and Nobel Prize winners. The book is illustrated and contains an amazing collection of inventions and accomplishments. For example, Italians invented the piano, violin, opera, ballet, battery, telescope, radio, telephone (on Staten Island in NYC before Alexander Bell) and split the first atom. Discover how the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. was carved in NYC by Italians, and read about the origins of many famous fairy tales (Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio, etc.). Also, learn about other distinguished Italians: Chairman & CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, President of the European Union’s Commission, and the Director of the European Space Agency. This book also includes a unique ‘Italy Travel Guide’ supplement that combines history and attractions for over 20 cities and locations in Italy. A great gift idea for any occasion!