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The Heritage Guide Italy: A Complete Guide to 1,000 Towns and Cities and Their Landmarks, With 80 Regional Tours (Heritage Guides)

by Touring Club Italiano, Touring Club of Italy (Editor)

From Italy’s preeminent publisher of guidebooks and maps comes this revised and updated edition of the definitive cultural guide to Italy. Written by a uniquely qualified editorial board of specialists, many of whom are respected art and architecture historians, Italy provides readers with fascinating information on the history, art, architecture, and lifestyle of Italy and equips them with the necessary tools — exceptional maps, detailed itineraries, and carefully devised rating systems — to delve into this country’s treasures by themselves. At the beginning of the book are 80 excursions covering 1,000 cities and towns and extending from the Alps to the islands. Each excursion, accompanied by a color map, is a specific route through an area noteworthy for its artistic heritage or its landscape. At the heart of the book is an A-to-Z listing of cities, towns, landmarks, and monuments, each item paired with a description, historical background, and a rating system to provide readers with an understanding of the importance of each place, attraction, or site. Also included are practical travel tips, listings of accommodations and restaurants, useful addresses, detailed neighborhood plans, and dozens of full-color maps leading readers through the monuments, museums, architectural, and archaeological sites for which Italy is celebrated. This edition contains 20 percent new material, including an all-new introduction geared toward American travelers