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The Independent Walker’s Guide to Italy: 35 Breathtaking Walks in Italy’s Captivating Landscape (The Independent Walker Series)

by Frank W. Booth

At first glance, this book looks like a trail guide to 35 fabulous (they sound fabulous anyway) walks throughout Italy. In fact, it’s a country guide that happens to focus on walks. The first walk is not described until page 64, after loads of advice on what to pack, where to stay and even what other travel guides are worth consulting. Booth injects humor throughout, starting with his explanation of how these walks help travelers avoid DROPS (Dreaded Other People). He includes walks between and around some of Italy’s most popular tourist sites, demonstrating that one need not be a hearty mountaineer to avoid DROPS. The walks vary from two to nine miles so any steady walker can follow in Booth’s footsteps and he claims even couch potatoes will be ready after a couple of months of home strolls. The guide richly details every walk and provides practical tips on length, transit time, and where to find toilets. For those with limited interests or time, Booth lists walks thematically (must-see walks, ancient ruins, fabulous forests, etc.) Any traveler who yearns to tread Italy’s unbeaten paths should pack this witty and informative book.