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The Kitchen Garden: Fresh Ideas for Luscious Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers and Fruit

by Norma Coney

Think of it as fresh food for the gardener’s table–kitchen gardens, recently pushed aside for flowerbeds, are enjoying a spirited renaissance. But, long gone are the straight, strict rows of tomatoes and zucchini: The updated garden borrows from the formal French potagers and the personalized jumble of the colonial gardens, adding new superior varieties and hybrids. You’ll find everything you need for a perfect culinary patch, from the basics of site, soil and planting to the elements of design, along with illustrated garden plans that can be tailored to your own backyard. And, special boxes even suggest ways to use the produce, from recipes and handicrafts to creating herbal tea, salad and potpourri mini-gardens. Bonus: tips on hardiness, reliable flowers, cultivars coveted for their early harvest, and much more to make a jewel out of the little plot outside your window.