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The Weekend Genealogist: Timesaving Techniques for Effective Research

by Marcia Yannizze Melnyk

Melnyk, a professional genealogist, addresses the need for time management and organization in this latest how-to-do-genealogy-better guide. She gears this toward new genealogists strapped for research time, emphasizing numerous materials and techniques that cut down on piles of paper and repetitious research, and offers suggestions for the types and proper usage of genealogical forms (and provides reproducible forms at the back of the book), filing systems, and where and when to look for bargains on office materials. Melnyk also discusses the benefits of gathering information from relatives, organizations, and the Internet along with suggestions for using and evaluating electronic sources. She provides a brief but very informative chapter on assessing and extracting information from documents and covers preparing for and making the most of a research trip, offering time-saving and efficient search methods. Her chapter on research etiquette should be required reading for all genealogists (and librarians!) for its clear-eyed perspective.