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They Came By Ship: The Stories of the Calitrani Immigrants in America

by Mario Toglia

This book is the product of the Internet Age which brought together people researching their roots to their ancestral town of Calitri in Southern Italy. They came to know one another and, in many cases, rekindled old friendships and discovered distant relatives in second and third cousins. They began sharing stories on the Net of the good old days, recalling neighborhoods where their parents and grandparents had settled after emigrating from Italy. These communities included Brooklyn, New Rochelle, Tarrytown, Dobbs Ferry, Batavia, Mount Vernon in New York; Montclair, Paterson, Newark in New Jersey; Stamford, Bridgeport, Torrington in Connecticut; Dunmore in Pennsylvania; Washington, DC and Pittsfield, MA. Their recollections proved to be so interesting and poignant to all that they needed to be set down in permanent form and preserved for future generations. Mario Toglia of New York initiated this book project with Josephine Galgano Gore, Angela Cicoira Moloney, Fred Rabasca, Rick Morris and Mary Margotta Basile, descendents of original immigrants from Calitri.

This informative book contains over 100 personal and biographical stories, illustrating various aspects of the lives, traditions and customs of the Calitrani community within the Italian immigrant experience. Also included are several newspaper articles and obituaries as well as a list of more than 4000 Calitrani names of Italians who settled in America.