They Came in Ships: Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor’s Arrival Record (3rd Edition)

by John P. Coletta

Chances are, if you’re American, you’ve got immigrant ancestors! For over 400 years, from the 1500s-1900s, millions of people immigrated to the United States. They came from Europe, Africa, Asia and Central and South America. And nearly all of them came by ship, leaving behind valuable clues for you to discover! They Came in Ships is the first comprehensive manual to navigate the vast landscape of these ship records! Author John Philip Colletta will guide you through the difficult task of uncovering and understanding these essential records. You’ll learn where and how to begin your search for your ancestors. Study the sample research scenarios to make your research time more effective. Colletta has even introduced a special chapter in this edition dedicated to helping you find a ship if your ancestor arrived in a year not included in National Archives. They Came in Ships is the ultimate genealogist’s tool for locating and understanding immigrant ships’ records.

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