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Trattoria Italia: A Gastronomic Tour of Italy

by Giulia de Franceschi (Editor)

In Italy, the trattoria is a casual restaurant where diners go for typical home-style food made with local ingredients. From region to region, the meals change to reflect the specialties of the area: The olive in Puglia, prosciutto di San Daniele in Friuli, truffles in Piedmont. Trattoria Italia is a fascinating book of food from the 18  regions of Italy with up-to-date listings for each region’s best restaurants, wines, cheeses, and markets. Each chapter presents the beauty and bounty of the region’s landscape, followed by the favorite recipes of its people-Italian soul food such as Ligurian fish stew cacciucco, herbed fava bean, sausage and polenta gratin with tomato sauce, and sweet fried ravioli. Each chapter also offers a detailed essay on the production and uses of a particular regional ingredient.