Travel Photography: A Complete Guide to How to Shoot and Sell

by Susan McCartney

This substantial and helpful book begins with an overview of the business of travel photography, both the joys and the hard facts, and then moves on to a candid discussion of the skills needed for success in the field. It also covers the essentials of equipment, including cameras, lenses, film, and accessories, as well as topics like technique, notably lighting, and photographing people, landscape, architecture, and still lifes on location. Ten self-assignments will help photographers hone their skills. Also included is good information on editing, assembling a portfolio, and promoting one’s work. Travel photographer McCartney also addresses computers, digital imaging, and the Internet for photographers, as well as editorial and stock photography. This will be of obvious value to professional photographers who wish to do more location work. It should also appeal to amateurs who would like to explore travel photography as a serious avocation.