Where’s the Minestrone? An Italian American Explores Italy

by Peter S. Carusone

A look at Italy through the eyes of an Italian American who thought he knew what it meant to be ‘Italian.’ A new work that shatters old beliefs, a fun and family narrative replete with sentimentality, cross-cultural comparisons and outrageous humor. A story about those crazy but lovable Italians. The fun and fantasy of Italian food, music and celebration.

You will see the beauty of this wonderful country and feel the warmth of its people. You will be amazed at the many surprises awaiting your first encounters with the food, the Italian bathroom, the bus ticket Gestapo, the housing, shopping, driving and parking, Italian laundry, the labor strikes and a ‘fortress mentality’ that manifests itself in a profusion of walls, gates, guard dogs and convoluted security devices.

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