Who Can Open Michelangelo’s Seven Seals? ( Museum of Adventures)

by Thomas Brezina (Author), Laurence Sartin (Illustrator)

The latest tour through the Museum of Adventures draws young readers into a fast-paced interactive mystery as they try to solve the riddles of Michelangelo’s secret chamber. When the stone dragons on the rooftop of the Museum of Adventures menacingly spring to life, Mr. Tonatelli, the museum director, suspects Michelangelo’s secret chamber has been opened. It’s up to readers to find the chamber’s seven seals in a magical journey that introduces them to the life and culture of 16th-century Italy. As the readers explore a quarry of Carrara marble, visit Michelangelo’s studio, and eavesdrop on conversations about the controversial artist, they will need to decipher a variety of clues. This exploration of the Renaissance master’s art is so much fun that young readers won’t even realize they’re learning.

Thomas Brezina is the author of numerous internationally bestselling children’s books, including Who Can Crack the the Leonardo da Vinci Code? and Who Will Find Vincent’s Treasury of Colors? His more than 400 books have been translated into 32 languages. He lives in Vienna and London.