Wine Heritage: The Story of Italian-American Vintners

by Dick Rosano, Robert Mondavi, Tom Pinney (Editor)

Who could deny the importance of Italians to the development of America’s wine industry? It is little known that Italians have been planting vineyards and making wine in America since the early colonial days when Filio Mazzei was the vineyard consultant for Thomas Jefferson. Grapes were planted and nurtured in virtually every corner of America where Italians settled. Wine making was as sacrosanct as making bread or pasta. Wine is inseparable from the Italian culture and is loved and revered as the “holy blood of the grape.” It is one of the secrets of the healthy Mediterranean life style now preached by health experts.

Here is the story of Italian immigrants whose descendants now dominate American wine making. How they struggled and endured. How they persisted in the face of Prohibition and facilitated legislation permitting home wine making of 200 gallons per family. The intrigue, the feuds, the love affairs and financial triumphs are all in this authenticated history from the earliest days of America to the new Italian/American wine makers such as Francis Ford Coppola. 256 pages, 150 historic photos.

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