Bologna Mia: Memories from the Kitchen of Italy

by Loretta Paganini

Loretta Paganini had the good fortune to be raised in Bologna, the kitchen of Italy, by two generations of Italian chefs. In Bologna Mia, she has gathered together over 90 of her family’s treasured recipes, each one evoking vivid memories of the kitchens she spent time in during her childhood. Each of these recipes comes with a story. Paganini shares with us her paternal grandmother’s famed pasta recipes (Paganini believes it was her magical tortelloni that helped her to charm her husband), the wisdom of her maternal grandmother’s delicate hands, and the recipes for her mother’s Cordon Bleu award-winning specialty pastries, tortes and appetizers…. The Bolognese are known for having a knack for taking simple ingredients and combining them to create uniquely flavorful dishes. In Bologna Mia, Paganini captures the exciting flavor of the Bolognese culture, the incredible flavor of its dishes, as well as the passion her family feels for food.