Learning the Language

Speak Italian: The Fine Art of the Gesture

by Bruno Munari

Attenzione! They say that a gesture is worth 1000 words, and when it comes to speaking with your hands, the Italians speak volumes. This quirky bilingual handbook of Italian gestures, first published in 1958 by renowned Milanese artist and graphic designer Bruno Munari, will help the phalange-phobic decipher the unspoken language of gestures, a language not found in any dictionary. Charming black-and-white photos and wry captions evoke an Italy of days gone by. Speak Italian gives a little hand to anyone who has ever been at a loss for words.

Italian Picture Word Book (Dover Children’s Language Activity Books)

by Hayward Cirker & Barbara Steadman

Amazon read review: “This is an excellent aid to development of Italian vocabulary. Although directed at children, it is useful for older students as well. The act of coloring in a figure while focusing on the word helps many people learn more easily.”

Ottavia e i Gatti di Roma – Octavia and the Cats of Rome: A bilingual picture book in Italian and English

by Claudia Cerulli & Leo Lätti (Illustrator)

An adventurous story of two cats who call the ancient monuments of Rome their home. Follow Octavia and Julius in their tour of the best-loved sights of the Eternal City, with stops at the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Coliseum, and the famed Mouth of Truth. Discover more about Rome and the sights mentioned in the story in the informative section at the end of the book. Use the location map to plan your own walking tour of Rome to see all the sights visited by the two cats and engage young children with a treasure hunt in the heart of Rome. The text in Italian with English translation on every page will help Italian language students learn new words and practice their reading skills. Those who love animals will enjoy this entertaining little adventure where two kittens are the bold protagonists.

Italy: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) – Level 2

by Planet Collection

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary? As a part of the Planet Collection, Italy offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of Italy. Toddlers and babies will love looking at the photos, while the older children will be able to grow their minds through reading the passages.

First Italian Reader: A Dual-Language Book

by Stanley Appelbaum

Beginning students of Italian language and literature will welcome this bilingual anthology edited especially for their needs. Ranging from the 14th to the 20th centuries, it features the works of Dante, Boccaccio, Pirandello, and 52 others in both the original Italian and expert English translations on the facing pages. Selections include excerpts from poetry, fiction, history, and philosophy. A solid background in Italian grammar is necessary for the fullest appreciation of the original text. The excerpts are unadulterated, not retold or simplified. Readers can sample the works of men renowned for other talents, such as Michelangelo and Galileo, and discover the original language of The Decameron, The Prince, and even Pinocchio.

La Questione di Amore/The Question of Love (An Italian/English Dual Language Story)

by Maria Rossi

This book is for anyone learning Italian or English, young or old, beginner or expert. Oscar is a young boy spending the summer in Italy. When he hears songs about love on the radio, he decides to try and find out just what love is. He asks his family and his friends, but the only way he can find the answer for sure, is if he can find love himself….! The story is presented in three versions. The first is an alternating Italian/English format, where the reader can first read a paragraph in Italian, and then follow along in English. The second presents the entire story in Italian, and the third, in English.

Novelle Rusticane – Little Novels of Sicily: Bilingual parallel text

by Giovanni Verga, translated by D.H. Lawrence

If you are learning or improving your Italian or English as second language, grab this bilingual edition of this masterpiece. First published in a single volume in 1883, the stories collected in Little Novels of Sicily are drawn from the Sicily of Giovanni Verga’s childhood, reported at the time to be the poorest place in Europe. Verga’s style is swift, sure, and implacable; he plunges into his stories almost in midbreath, and tells them with a stark economy of words. There’s something dark and tightly coiled at the heart of each story, an ironic, bitter resolution that is belied by the deceptive simplicity of Verga’s prose, and Verga strikes just when the reader’s not expecting. Translator D. H. Lawrence surely found echoes of his own upbringing in Verga’s sketches of Sicilian life: the class struggle between property owners and tenants, the relationship between men and the land, and the unsentimental, sometimes startlingly lyric evocation of the landscape.

Eleven Short Stories/Undici Novelle (A Dual-Language Book)

by Luigi Pirandello

Eleven of the great literary figure’s very best stories, presented in the original Italian with excellent new English translations on the facing pages, offering students a unique learning aid as well as a superb treasury. Includes “Little Hut,” “With Other Eyes,” “A Voice,” “Citrons from Sicily,” “A Character’s Tragedy,” and more.

Great Italian Short Stories of the Twentieth Century / I grandi racconti italiani del Novecento: A Dual-Language Book

by Jacob Blakesley

This anthology highlights the rich range of modern Italian fiction, presenting the first English translations of works by many famous authors. Contents include fables and stories by Italo Calvino, Elsa Morante, Alberto Moravia, and Cesare Pavese; historical fiction by Leonardo Sciascia and Mario Rigoni Stern; and little-known tales by Luigi Pirandello and Carlo Emilio Gadda. No further apparatus or reference is necessary for the self-contained text. Appropriate for high school and college courses as well as self-study, this volume will prove a fine companion for teachers and intermediate-level students of Italian language and literature as well as readers wishing to brush up on their language skills.

Italian Stories: A Dual-Language Book

by Robert A. Hall

Eleven great stories in original Italian with vivid, accurate English translations on facing pages, teaching and practice aids, Italian-English vocabulary, more. Chronologically arranged stories by Boccaccio, Machiavelli, d’Annunzio, Pirandello and Moravia, plus significant works by lesser-known authors.