Cucina Piemontese: Cooking from Italy’s Piedmont

by Maria Grazia Asselle & Brian Yarvin

Cucina Piemontese includes recipes for more than 95 Piedmontese dishes, many of them from the author’s family in Piedmont. These classic recipes, accompanied by historical and cultural information, as well as a chapter on regional wines, provide an opportunity to explore this fascinating and increasingly renowned cuisine from an insider’s perspective. The simple recipes made with readily available ingredients bring la cucina piemontese to your home. Located in the northwest corner of Italy, the Piedmont region is surrounded by the Alps on three sides (the name means “at the foot of the mountains”). Piedmontese cooking is marked by a reverence for beef, butter, cream, and truffles, as well as humbler ingredients, such as pasta, polenta, and root vegetables. These foods are showcased in this collection of traditional recipes. Beginning with antipasti of Cipolline in Agro Dolce (Sweet-and-sour Onions) or Acciughe al Verde (Anchovies in Green Sauce), journey through the region with Tajarin con Sugo Burro e Salvia (Egg Pasta with Butter and Sage Sauce) and Brasato al Vino Rosso (Beef Cooked in Red Wine). Conclude with one of Piedmont’s famous desserts, such as Budino delle Langhe (Panna Cotta) or Zuppa Inglese (Ladyfinger Cake). B/W and color photography underscores the beauty and flavor of this cuisine.